Since 2009, Kelly Club has been committed to providing the very best in before- and after-school programmes for busy families like yours.

We understand how hard it is to juggle the workday schedule, and the anxiety associated with finding safe, fun, high-quality care for your children. That’s why our programmes are developed in consultation with the school and the local community to feature a diverse mix of entertainment, education and relaxation. Your kids will feel right at home doing activities like cooking, crafts or games, as well as having time to do their homework and relax after a busy day of learning.

Kelly Club’s holiday programmes give your kids the opportunity to do the things they enjoy in a supportive and encouraging environment.

We take the stress out of school holidays by giving you the confidence that your children are having a blast and being well-cared for at the same time. Your 5-13-year-olds will love the huge variety of activities and trips that are designed to inspire and entertain.

We have more than 75 holiday programmes running throughout New Zealand, all of which are approved by the Ministry of Social Development as fulfilling their safety requirements.

Work and Income’s Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) subsidy is a payment that helps you with the cost of before- and after-school care as well as the cost of school holiday programmes.

If you’re eligible, you can claim up to 20 hours per week for before- and after-school care and up to 50 hours per week for school holiday programmes.

We’ll work with you and your local Work and Income office to make sure that the process of applying for and receiving an OSCAR subsidy is straightforward and stress-free.

Kelly Sports programmes are a fantastic opportunity for your kids to learn foundational sports skills and develop a passion for active play.

As their abilities grow, so does their confidence to participate in local sports clubs, leading to a lifelong love of sport. We cover a range of different sports, with the multi-sport programme being particularly popular. Our programmes are run after school once a week and are held at your child’s school so they don’t have to travel to attend. We also offer school holiday sports clinics, which are OSCAR approved for those who qualify for the WINZ subsidy.

We run programmes at convenient locations all over New Zealand.