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There’s always plenty to do at Kelly Club Milson – we pack our programme with everything from baking and artwork to sports and games, to keep your kids entertained, engaged and inspired. Plus, your kids get the opportunity to do their homework and relax after their busy day. We have WINZ subsidies available for eligible parents and caregivers to help cover the cost of our programmes. We also offer flexible payment plans with same-day booking and cancellation to suit you and your family.

Our team has been providing quality care since 2019. We are passionate and fully trained in all areas to help keep your kids safe while in our care. We love being part of the community and are proud to support your school with our revenue-share model.

We love giving your kids a “home away from home” and a fun place to hang out with friends. Our favourite thing about Kelly Club Milson is getting to see friendships grow and the joy our team bring to the kids in our programmes.

If you’re interested in checking us out, we’d love you to pop in and say hello! Or click the button below to book your spot at one of our before- and/or after-school care programmes.

milson kelly club

Programme Coordinator

021 165 0896

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EVENTS AT milson kelly club

Before and After - School Care
2022 Before and After School Care Programme
Milson School

2 Feb 2022 — 16 Dec 2022

Yr 0 - Yr 6