Before and After-School Care
Horotiu Kelly Club

Caitlin Carlisle

Kelly Club Horotiu Before and After School Care
Horotiu School

Bridge Road, Horotiu

3 Feb 2021 — 14 Dec 2021

Year 0-8

At Kelly Club, we offer quality before and after school care in safe and supportive surroundings, with programmes that are tailored to your kids' ages and skill levels. Our dedicated and passionate staff are fully trained in all aspects of looking after your children.

Please note that our Before School Care operates from 7.30am to 8.30am

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Available Sessions

Before-school - Full Session (7:30am to 8:30am)

After-school - Half Session (2:40pm to 4:30pm)

After-school - Full Session (2:40pm to 5:30pm)

Horotiu Kelly Club

Caitlin Carlisle