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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 3 Oct 2016

Last modified: Monday, 19 September 2016
All Kelly Sports clinics, Kelly Sports Holiday Programmes and Kelly Club Programmes may be referred to as a 'Kelly Group Programmes' in the following Terms and Conditions


1.1 Kelly Sports Clinics: Enrolling in a Kelly Sports Clinics secures a booking for the duration of the whole programme. Irrespective of attendance, payment is on a per programme basis and is expected by the date due on the invoice. Parents/ guardians and students are responsible for lesson attendance.

1.2 Kelly Group Programmes: Enrolling in a Kelly Group Programme secures a booking for the days/times selected at the time of booking. Irrespective of attendance, unless prior notice that a student will be absent is given (min 24 hours), payment is still required and is expected by the date due on the invoice. Parents/ guardians and students are responsible for lesson attendance.

1.3 Programmes Length: All Kelly Group Programmes may vary in duration depending on location and programme type.

1.4 Late payment: Late payment constitutes default under this agreement and Kelly Group may withdraw students from programmes at their discretion. Additional administration fees may be charged to overdue accounts.

1.5. Late pick-ups: Late pick-ups will incur a late pick-up fee of $15 per 15 minutes or part thereof.

1.6 Indemnity: The parent/guardian agrees to indemnify Kelly Group Programmes against all costs, whether commissions, legal fees or otherwise, incurred by Kelly Group Programmes or their duly Authorised agents relating to the recovery of any monies, goods or services that may be outstanding from time to time pursuant to the terms of this agreement.

1.7 Discontinued sessions. Kelly Group Programmes reserve the right to discontinue any student for reasons including but not limited to inappropriate behaviour and non-payment of fees.

1.8 Note: Programme costs are reviewed annually and at least one month’s notice will be given of any change in price.

1.9 Programme Policies and Procedures. By booking your child into a OSCAR Kelly Group programme, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions set out in the Kelly Group Programme Policies and Procedures Manual. The Kelly Group Programme Policies and Procedures Manual has been approved by the Ministry of Social Development and is available at all OSCAR Kelly Group programme venues.

1.10 Work and Income Oscar subsidies: Applying for an Oscar subsidy is the responsibility of parents and caregivers. Kelly Group takes no responsibility for ensuring documents are completed or sent to Work and Income. Parents and caregivers are responsible for paying full fees if they are unsuccessful with receiving a subsidy.



2.1 Kelly Sports Missed Sessions: No refund will be given where session is missed or for early withdrawal from sessions during the term.

2.2 Kelly Sports Cancelled Sessions: If a session has to be cancelled and a catch-up session is not available, that fee will be carried forward and credited to the next term.

2.3 Kelly Club and Kelly Sports Holiday Programme Missed Sessions: No refund will be given where a session is missed unless Kelly Club/Kelly Sports has been contacted and advised of a student’s absence a minimum of 12 hours (or as set out in programme specific booking information) before the session commences.



3.1 Website. Student/Parent/Guardian will have access to the online content of the websites and for the period of time they are enrolled into Kelly Group programmes.



4.1 Medical information. In the interests of the Student's well-being whilst in the care of Kelly Group programmes must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the Student.

4.2 Kelly Group is not responsible for students outside of the agreed programme time or for a student making their way to and from a programme venue. Where a student is attending any Kelly Group programme, the Drop Off/Pickup of Children, Children Not Arriving at the Programme When Expected and Children Not Collected at the End of the Programme Policies & Procedures will apply.

4.3 Health and Safety Emergencies: In an emergency situation where your child/ren needs medical attention, staff will ensure that every effort possible is made to get hold of the caregivers/emergency contacts. If contact is unsuccessful, I authorise any person (acting through the staff and employees of Kelly Group Programmes) in the event of any accident or illness to my child, to take all such steps as may be necessary for the proper treatment and care of my child (advised by a duly qualified and registered medical practitioner that it is necessary) and to authorise a general anaesthetic.

4.4  Parents/caregivers are expected to be able to collect their child at any time if they become unwell or are identified as a health risk to other children at our programme.

4.5 Kelly Club and Kelly Sports OSCAR programmes are committed to the recognition and prevention of abuse of children within our programmes and the community and supports the roles of statutory agencies such as the Police and Child, Youth and Family Services.



5.1 Advertising: Kelly Group programmes will occasionally video / photograph sessions and may use 
video footage or pictures for promotional or training purposes. You agree to your child’s image/s being used, unless written notification to the contrary is provided at enrolment. If any images are going to be used more widely you will be contacted and an agreement arranged.

5.2 Personal details. Kelly Group programmes will not share your details with any third party without your written consent except in the case of 1.6 and 1.7 above and for programme approval requirements through the Ministry of Social Development.  For Kelly Sports SNAG Programmes, participants contact information may be shared with Golf NZ for membership and funding purposes.

5.3 Copyright. The Student/Parent/Guardian undertakes not to make photocopies of any Kelly Group programme material.



6.1 I consent to my child participating/attending in activities arranged by Kelly Group Programmes as well as travel by private vehicle or public transport to advertised programme outings.

6.2 Belongings- Kelly Group takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to children’s property while in our programmes.

6.3 If there is a need for children to travel by private car, car seats will be made available for children that need them, and a separate written authorisation will be required from parents/caregivers before travelling.


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