At Kelly Club Southcity Christian, our programme is focused around various activities including sports, cooking, discovery activities, arts and crafts as well as structured 'free time'. We operate during term time before and after school as well as throughout the school holidays. We’re OSCAR approved, meaning if you qualify, your Kelly Club booking fees will be subsidised.

We love giving your kids a “home away from home”, being part of the school community, and seeing all our kids happy and having fun together. 

We also provide flexible payment plans so you can enjoy same-day booking and cancellation without penalty. Booking in means you are also fundraising for the community as we share our revenue with Hutt Central School.

If you’re interested in checking us out, we’d love you to pop in and say hello! Click the button below to book before-school, after-school or holiday programme care for your kids.



Kelly Club Southcity


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